Seaside Parking Services creates customized parking plans for our client’s specific situation. We work with restaurants throughout Southern California, corporate events, weddings of all sizes, private parties and any other time parking expertise is required!

Restaurants: Seaside Parking Services has extensive experience providing first class valet service for restaurants of all sizes , no matter  how demanding the parking situation. We will create a custom tailored schedule to meet your specific needs, i.e. weekends versus weekdays, holidays only, etc. 

Weddings: Seaside Parking Services will create a flawless parking plan for your ceremony and reception, so all the bride and groom have to worry about is each other.

Private Events: Seaside Parking will work closely with you and your event coordinator to ensure your guests’ parking experience is top notch! Our valets will provide seamless arrival and departure experiences for all of your guests.

Please contact us to discuss all of your parking needs! Seaside Parking can create custom parking solutions for any budget!




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